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Within our programs of study at a Bachelor’s and Master’s level, we offer courses such as methodology, e-learning, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), literature, audio-visual translation, certified and specialist translation, interpreting, public speaking, multimedia classes, etc. By attending our workshops and seminars, students broaden their knowledge, explore the language, literature and culture of other countries, develop their interests and master their language skills.


Admissions Process

In order to be admitted to a Bachelor’s program run by the LSW, the candidate is expected to submit a complete set of the required documents and declare that he/she knows the language of instruction within the selected program of study at at least A2 level (the LSW does not offer a course in the language of instruction within the selected program of study at an elementary level)


Admissions step by step:

1. Set a candidate’s account

2. Log in to „Wirtualny Dziekanat” using the user’s name and password generated in the registration process.

3. Fill in the questionnaire

4. Choose the program of study – add the program of study

- level: Bachelor’s program (title: licencjat)

- language of instruction within the chosen program of study: English, German, Russian

- mode: full-time studies, weekend studies, weekend part-time studies

- major

- modern second language (students start a course in the second modern language in the second semester at an elementary level)

5. After you have selected the program of study, you will be able to print out the questionnaire.

6. Print out and sign the questionnaire and submit it in the Admissions Office along with the required documents listed in the „required documents” section.


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