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Master’s programs:

We offer Master’s programs in English in one of the following:


Students completing this program of study will extend their teaching qualifications obtained within their studies at a Bachelor’s level gaining the right to teach a foreign language in all types of schools. They will further work on their teaching skills and master various teaching strategies.


Students continuing their education within this program of study will further polish their written and oral translation-related skills with the use of modern technologies. They will become sought-after experts offering high-quality services.

Teaching and Translation (the extended curriculum)

Graduates majoring in Teaching and Translation follow the extended curriculum of both specializations and expand the qualifications indispensable to teach a foreign language as well deal professionally with oral and written translation.

Communication in International Business and Administration.

Within this major students further expand their linguistic knowledge, honing their professional qualifications and skills. Being already fluent users of Business English in speaking and writing, they can focus on linguistic nuances and focus on the language from different perspectives. Graduates of this program become highly-recognized experts working in international corporations, offshore companies, national enterprises, foreign trade offices, translation agencies, territorial self-government institutions and multinational organizations requiring an impeccable command of English language and culture.