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Bachelor’s programs:

We offer Bachelor’s programs in English, German and Russian Studies. Students can major in one of the following:


Upon the completion of this program of study, students will have acquired qualifications necessary to teach foreign languages in primary schools and kindergartens in accordance with Polish educational standards of foreign language teaching. They will have been equipped with didactic skills allowing them to teach a foreign language with the employment of modern technologies: IT-based tools, computer and multimedia techniques, etc.


Students completing this program of study will be able to translate texts and interpret utterances using various language styles and registers. They will become proficient users of DTP and CAT tools and they will easily select and apply appropriate strategies and techniques used in translation and interpreting. They will find employment as translators working freelance or cooperating with translation agencies, companies and institutions.

Teaching and Translation (the extended curriculum)

Graduates majoring in Teaching and Translation follow the extended curriculum of both specializations and acquire necessary qualifications to teach a foreign language in primary schools and kindergartens and acquire the practical skills necessary for carrying out translation and interpreting tasks in the given language.

Communication in International Business and Administration

This major focuses on broadening students’ linguistic knowledge, honing their professional qualifications and acquiring new skills. Students completing a program in Communication in International Business and Administration will be fluent users of Business English in speaking and writing. They will learn how to apply their knowledge and practical language skills when translating texts related to law and economy as well as when giving public speeches, which will enable them to function efficiently in an international environment. They will easily find employment in international corporations, offshore companies, national enterprises, foreign trade offices, translation agencies, territorial self-government institutions and multinational organizations requiring an impeccable command of English language and culture.